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Message Card Greetings

Young Couple KissingLove - Romance - Anniversaries

  • My heart is yours.
  • With a heart full of love and devotion.
  • You make life worth living.
  • Etenally yours.
  • With all that I am and all that I have, I love you.
  • You make my life complete.
  • You are the light of my life.
  • Always and Forever
  • You are the center of my universe
  • I love you more today than yesterday
  • Loving you is easy


  • Have a good one
  • You get better with age, like a fine wine.
  • We may grow older but we don't have to grow up!
  • Happy 29th birthday....again!
  • Today is one of my favorite days because it's the day you were born.
  • Born to be wild!!  Let's party!
  • Many happy returns of the day.
  • May you always look 10 years younger than you actually are.
  • Being another year older may suck but the alternative really sucks!!!!

Pink TulipsGet Well

  • Hope you're feeling better soon.
  • Sorry you're not feeling well.  Hope these cheer you up.
  • Hope you're back in action soon.
  • Sending you bundles of healing energy.  Get well soon.
  • May every day see you getting better and better.

Daughter Giving Mother FlowersMother's Day

  • You're the best
  • I am who I am because of you.
  • May you know how loved and appreciated you are.
  • For being you.
  • How did I get so lucky to have a Mom like you.
  • You Rock Mom
  • Just thinking of how wonderful you are.
  • No one could have a better mother than you.
  • You're the best Mom, ever!

Secretaries Day

  • Thanks for making me look good.
  • Couldn't do it without you.
  • Working with you is a pleasure.


  • Peace be with you.
  • With deeply heartfelt sympathies
  • May you never forget a single thing about (name of the deceased loved one)
  • We share in your sorrow.
  • Sending you much love at this difficult time.


  • May happiness and love follow you wherever you may go.
  • Best of luck with all your future endevours.
  • Best of luck in the future.

New BabyNew Baby

  • Congrats on your new bundle of joy
  • Couldn't be happier for you!  Congratulations
  • Welcome to the world little one.
  • May God bless you and keep you safe all the days of your life.
  • How Wonderful!  Congratulations

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