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How To Custom Order Flowers

Pink Roses with ChocolateThe easiest way to place a custom order over the phone with your local or a long distance florist is:

Find a bouquet you like on the FTD and/or the Teleflora website. Write down the name and item number of the bouquet and then tell this information to the florist. Most florists are members of either the FTD or Teleflora Networks. Some florists are members of both.

A young woman receiving roses Or find a picture of a bouquet you like on any florists website and write down the type and colors of the flowers used and tell this to the florist.

Or if your not fussy about what type of arrangement or flowers you want sent, you can place what is called an "open order".  This allows the florist to create whatever type of arrangement they like within your set price limit.  The benefits of this type of order is that it allows the florist to take advantage of the best flowers available to them within their local market and use their artistic creativity.  That's why they call it the art of floral arranging.  


Or use the following 5 step process to make up your own bouquet.

Step 1 - Types of Bouquets
1. Mixed Bouquet: different flower types and colors
2. Monochromatic Bouquet: different flower types with a mix of different shades of one color group
3. Rainbow Bouquet: one kind of flower but with stems of different colors. (like all different colors of roses)

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Step 2 - Types of Flowers    (The Most Common Blooms Used By Florists)
Picture Flower Name
Availability Approximate Price Per Stem
*Stem has multiple flower heads
Alstromeria* All Year $2.50
Anthurium Tropical $10.25
Bird Of Paradise Tropical $7.75
Carnation All Year $2.50
Mini Carnation* All Year $2.50
Daisy* All Year $2.00
Delphinium or
All Year $4.00
Freesia* All Year $2.50
Gardinia Spring $20.00
Gerber Daisy All Year $3.75
Ginger Tropical $11.00
Gladiolus All Year $3.25
Heliconia Tropical $11.25
Hydrangea June - Nov $12.50
Iris All Year $2.50
Liatris Spring/Fall $3.25
Lily* All Year $7.25
Lily - Stargazer* All Year $7.50
Lily - Calla Spring/Summer $6.75
Chrysanthemum All year $2.00
Button Pom* All Year $2.00
Daisy Pom All Year $2.00
Football Chrysanthemum Summer - Fall $4.25
Spider Chrysanthemum Summer - Fall $3.50
Orchid - Cymbidium Tropical $12.50
Orchid - Phalaenopsis Tropical $15.00
Rose - Long Stem All Year $5.25
Rose - Sweetheart/Tea All Year $4.00
Rose - Spray* All Year $5.50
Snapdragon All Year $3.00
Stephanotis All Year $3.00
Stock All Year $4.50
Tulip Spring $6.50

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Step 3 - Color Schemes For Bouquets

Color Groups 1 - Red
2 - Red Orange
3 - Orange
4 - Yellow Orange
5 - Yellow
6 - Yellow Green
7 - Green
8 - Blue Green
9 - Blue
10 - Blue Violet
11 - Violet
12 - Red Violet 
Warm or Cool Color Scheme These schemes uses colors that are in harmony with each other  All colors are either warm like combining yellow lillies with orange and red carnations or cool such as lavendar roses with blue larkspur.
Monochromatic Color Scheme  This scheme uses the shades and tints
of a single color. (Like combining dark pink roses with light pink snapdragons)
Complimentary Color Scheme This scheme uses shades and tints of colors directly opposite of each other on the color wheel.  (example: violet roses cominded with green button poms)
Analogous Color Scheme This scheme uses colors that are beside each other on the color wheel and are very harmonious. Much like using either a warm or cool palette.
Pastel Color Scheme Pastels are the softest of all the color palettes.

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Step 4 - Shapes of Bouquets 
1. Domed:  Flowers are tightly grouped together in a vessel to make a dome shape on top with smooth edges. 
2. Freeform: Works with the curvature of each stem to create a loose informal bouquet.
3. Vertical:  Tall and thin.  Shows off the stem of the flower as well as the bloom.
4. Triangular: Has tall flowers at the center with shorter flowers forming the sides.
5. Horizontal: Is low with symetrical width.  Great for table centerpeices.
6. L - Shape: Is is exactly that. An asymetrical L shape.

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Step 5 - Set Price For Bouquet 
This is entirely up to you and your pocket book.

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