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The Symbolic Meanings of Flowers

Rose Border
Alstromeria    friendship
Amaryllis splendid beauty
Anemone anticipation
Anthurium hospitality
Aster virtue, patience
Birds of Paradise joyfulness
Bouvardia enthusiasm
Calendula innocence
Carnation pride and beauty
Carnation - Pink rememberance
Carnation - Red longing
Carnation - Solid yes
Carnation - Striped refusal
Carnation - White Sweet and lovely; good luck gift
Carnation - Yellow Rejection
Chrysanthemum hope
Daffodil chivalry, respect
Daisy loyal love; purity
Delphinum heavenly
Freesia innocence, trust
Gardenia feminine grace
Gerbera Daisy purity
Gladiolius strength of character, natural grace
Heather admiration
Hyacinth lovliness
Hydrangea heartfelt, good cheer
Iris warm affection, faith and hope
Larkspur levity
Lilac youthful innocence, beauty
Lily - White youthful innocence
Lily - Calla beauty
Lily - Tiger prosperity
Lily - Asiatic majesty
Lily - Oriental majesty
Lisanthus outgoing
Orchid rare beauty, ecstasy
Orchid - Cymbidium rare beauty
Orchid - Dendrobium rare beauty
Orchid - Oncidium rare beauty
Orchid - Phalaenopsis    rare beauty
Peony bashful, compassion, ability to keep a secret
Protea, King daring
Queen Anne's Lace sanctuary, trust
Ranunculus radiant
Roses love
Rose -  Red passion; love, desire
Rose - Yellow happiness, friendship
Rose -  Pale Pink grace, admiration
Rose - Dark Pink gratitude, appreciaion
Rose -  White purity, innocence
Rose - Orange facination, enthusiasm
Rose - Coral desire
Rose - Peach sincerity
Rose - Purple/Lilac love at first signt
Roses - White and Red unity
Rose -  Single I still love you
Snapdragon desire, strength
Statice remembrance
Stephanotis happiness in marriage
Stock lasting beauty
Sunflower pure thoughts, pride, sunshine
Sweet Pea delicate pleasure
Tulip declaration of love, perfect lover, luck
Tulip - Red declaration of love, irresistable love
Tulip - Yellow friendship
Tulip - Purple loyalty
Tulip - Orange warmth, happiness
Violet virtue

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