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The Best Online Florists  by P. Kelly

Sometimes, flowers say it best...A slick fancy website does not make for a good online florist nor does having one of the biggest names around neccesarily make for the best online florists. What it seems to boil down to is customer service and years of experience as a real florist. (An experienced florist over time developes a knowledge of the good and bad florists within the floral networks.)

I have scoured the internet looking for customer reviews and ratings of online florists. From my research I've come to the following conclusions as to who are the best online florists.

For Delivery Within USA and Canada

Florist One  and   Flowers Across America    [also known as Perry's Florist]

  • A family florist business since 1959
  • Leading online florist since 1999
  • Company has great reputation - Check with BBB for yourself.
  • One of the very few online florists with this standing.

Visit: Florist One            Visit: Flowers Across America

Phillips 1-800-Florals    [aka All America-Phillip's Flower Shop, Inc.]

  • A family florist company that has been in business since 1923
  • 800Florals is one of the most prominent online florists
  • They consistently have the highest ratings
  • Reviewers express an excellence of customer service

Visit: Phillips 1-800-Florals Website


Alternative To Using An Online Florist

A lovely woman receiving flowers.
So you want to send flowers but you're not sure you want to use an online florist. You can use the super pages to find a local florist in the city or town in which you want the flowers to be delivered and call them directly.

Tips For Finding A Long Distance Florist

  • In the Superpages search results: Scroll down past all the sponsored listings....These are not local florists!
  • Check the listing for a local phone number and address
  • Write down the names and numbers of 3 listings
  • Check the company's record with the BBB
  • Use my "How To Customer Order" page when talking with the florist

Find US Florist -

Find Canadian Florist -

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